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As women, we often are disregarded when we complain of our health problems. Abnormal, painful periods? Let’s keep that hush-hush. Constant fatigue, acne, and weight gain? You’re just stressed. Unbearable bloating and food sensitivities? Your labs are normal – there’s nothing wrong. 


It’s so frustrating and confusing and often feels hopeless. But I promise you, I believe you. I will listen to your story. I will remove the intimidation around diet culture and instead be with you every step of the way. 


I will help you find answers.


With gut and hormone functional testing, you’ll discover why you’re feeling the way you are with exact steps to improve your symptoms, and you can stop spending additional time, money, and energy trying to figure it out on your own.

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My women’s health nutrition services have helped countless women like you achieve results such as:

Feeling more confident and comfortable in your skin and body

Ability to be more present with friends and family, because your mind isn’t preoccupied with your condition

Less mental gymnastics and more mental capacity to think about the exciting things in your life instead of those thoughts that drain you

Guidance to remove the guesswork from your diet and lifestyle choices and instead know exactly how to take control of your health

how I can help

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1:1 Functional Nutrition Coaching for Women

End the constant circling between doctors trying to figure out what’s wrong. Uncover the root cause of your gut and hormone health issues with functional nutrition testing.

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1:1 Nutrition Coaching for Improved Fertility

Whether you’re struggling with a diagnosis like PCOS or female infertility, my fertility diet coaching and nutrition guidance can increase your chances of conceiving. 

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The Gut Solution Gut Health Group Program

Get to the ROOT cause of your bloating, constipation, and gut issues with functional testing and a personalized solution in my blended community program with added 1:1 sessions.

this story   says it all

Taryn has been amazing to work with over the past few months! She is super knowledgeable and really wants to get down to the root cause of your signs and symptoms.


If you do the micronutrient testing, she really takes a deep dive when analyzing the results to make suggestions so you can truly optimize these nutrients.


As an ICU nurse, who works days and nights and is in Graduate school, I was experiencing fatigue and brain fog, however, since I’ve been working with Taryn those signs have drastically improved.


If you were considering working with Taryn, do it! There is no better time than now to reach out to Taryn and invest in your health!



  • How do I know if you’re a good fit for me as my dietitian?
    As a women’s gut and hormone health specialist, I work with women struggling with low energy, hormonal imbalances, subfertility (including miscarriage) and digestive issues. I help women achieve increased energy, lifted mood, balanced hormones and optimized fertility all while eliminating digestive issues. As women, we deserve that emotional wellness and to feel GOOD in our skin. When you have this newfound confidence, you’ll feel called to have a greater impact on your community, relationships, career and in your family. This is POSSIBLE – and exactly what I want and dream of for you.
  • Does insurance cover hormone testing or other functional tests?
    Great question! Check out the FAQ that asks about my services being covered by insurance below.
  • Am I going to be given a list of what foods I need to avoid?
    I’m a big believer in a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. To me, eliminating a bunch of different foods is NOT going to be sustainable (or enjoyable) in the long run. What if you had a lifestyle where you asked yourself, “what can I ADD to this meal to make it more nutrient dense?” versus “what can I eliminate?” My goal is for us to focus on adding nutrient-dense foods, ultimately teaching you how to have a healthy, sustainable and flexible lifestyle that you feel CONFIDENT about while eating out or traveling.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    Absolutely! I never want the investment to hold you back from feeling your best. I offer super flexible payment plans. I accept HSA and FSA as well.
  • How can I get started?
    Fill out the contact form on the Contact Page on my website, or reach out to to schedule a free clarity call!
  • Should I get advice from my primary care physician before working with a dietitian nutritionist?
    You certainly can, if you’d like! Usually doctors will tell you themselves that they don’t receive much (if any) nutrition education or training in medical school. With that being said, if you’re looking for help with nutrition, lifestyle, supplements or a more natural/holistic approach, working with a functional dietitian would be a great addition to your PCP’s help and guidance.
  • How long are your programs?
    My 1:1 programs are 4 months in duration. My group program is 12 weeks.
  • Are your services completely covered by insurance?
    Insurance is based on the conventional medicine model, where you are labeled with a specific diagnosis and because you have that diagnosis, they will then match a “procedure” with it (medical or surgical interventions). With functional nutrition, I’m not labeling you with anything – I believe that your body works together and that we are looking for the imbalances that are making you feel poorly. We are looking for a “root cause.” Did you know that it takes conventional practitioners about 17 years to change how they practice based on research? This is the “standard of care” that is reimbursed by insurance. Because of the amount of time spent on your specific case, the personalized care you receive, the cutting-edge testing and staying up-to-date on all of the newest clinical research, insurance is not a good fit for my practice and what I aim to do. I do, however, accept HSA, FSA and offer very flexible payment plans :) Being insurance-free allows me the freedom to serve women as I believe that they should be served.
  • I’m not sure which program is right for me… What are the differences?
    I would love to chat with you so I can learn more about you and your health story. By talking with you and better understanding your journey thus far, I can guide you towards the program that will be the best option for you in order to help you achieve your optimal health goals! Feel free to reach out to me at to schedule a clarity call today or visit the Contact Page.
  • What types of "functional tests" do you utilize to get to the root cause?
    I use functional tests such as the GI-Map (gut health), DUTCH hormone test, micronutrient test, and more. The recommended tests are personalized to you based off of your past medical history, symptoms, and health goals. I also heavily utilize any blood/hormone labs you already have. Additionally, I'm also able to give you some suggestions on other blood labs that might be helpful to have done, if you're interested :)

Frequently Asked Questions

A tablet showing the cover to 5 Strategies to Boost Your Energy Today guide from Taryn Mattern, functional nutritionist, in a cozy scene with a plant and cup of coffee

5 Simple Strategies to Boost Your Energy

Try these simple and proven quick-win tactics to end your fatigue and start feeling like yourself again. 


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