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Holistic nutrition optimizes women’s health and lifestyle through various factors beyond food by addressing the root cause of underlying symptoms.

About Healthfully Nourished

Healthfully Nourished is a virtual private nutrition practice that focuses on optimizing female nutrition, health, and wellness, through the various stages of life.


From gut health to slow metabolism, hormone imbalances to infertility, PCOS to painful periods… I can help you expose the root cause of your symptoms and tackle it head on.

I founded Healthfully Nourished because I myself struggled with an autoimmune disease in which I was given medication after medication. I was continually told that "diet doesn’t matter”. This left me feeling so incredibly unheard. I couldn't get answers or solutions – instead I received pills to mask the recurring symptoms.


As a registered dietitian, holistic nutritionist, and the founder of Healthfully Nourished, I will work with you to optimize your wellbeing by empowering you to make sustainable lifestyle changes and encouraging you to take actionable steps.


My philosophy includes eating nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory whole foods, incorporating daily movement, integrating stress management techniques, and encouraging “clean living” with non-toxic products. My approach is a whole-body solution which doesn’t just address the symptom, but provides a manageable life-changing result.

My comprehensive women’s health and nutrition programs can support you with: 


Improving poor gut health symptoms

Recovering from slow metabolism symptoms

Managing PCOS diet and nutrition

Balancing your hormones for optimal hormone health

Correcting irregular, painful periods and related symptoms

Analyzing why you’re having trouble getting pregnant and increase your chances of conceiving with nutrition for fertility

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My 5-Pillar Approach
Functional and Holistic Nutrition for Women

An assortment of blackberries, raspberries and blueberries, all anti-inflammatory foods for women's holistic nutrition, image by Sneha Cecil

Anti-inflammatory, nutrient-dense foods

Whole foods include higher nutrient content, lower sugars, added fiber, and are proven to support our hormones, fertility, gut, and overall health.

Woman in child's pose on her yoga mat, women's holistic health, image by LUNA ACTIVE FITNESS

Daily movement

Those who engage in regular physical activity are known to have improved mood, a healthy body weight, and a reduced risk of disease. Exercise can even improve our hormones and gut microbiome!

A cozy looking bed with lots of pillows and a clean white comforter, image by Susan Wilkinson

Quality sleep

It’s no surprise that when you sleep well, you feel well, but there are actually many studies backing the correlation and the positive impact sleep can have on your brain, your body, your hormones, and your gut!

A woman with her eyes closed stands outside in sunshine with her hand over her heart, women's holistic health, image by Darius Bashar

Stress management

Have you ever heard of the gut-brain connection? It’s a real thing. Our gut bacteria and our brains communicate and each can cause the other dysregulation if not optimized.

A jar of powdered makeup with a small brush in it, image by Joanna Kosinska

Non-toxic products

Each and every day our bodies are fighting off an increasingly large toxic burden. Our shampoos, our hand soaps, our makeup, and even the clothes we wear play a role in our body’s toxic load and hormone health.