Meet Taryn!

I'm Taryn, a Registered Dietitian who has completed a Master of Science in Human Nutrition from Winthrop University and a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations from Virginia Tech. I completed the majority of my 1,200-hour Dietetic Internship with Atrium Health.


After completing my Master's Degree and Dietetic Internship, I worked as a medical surgery and oncology dietitian. I also completed my Certificate in Training in Integrative & Functional Nutrition. After working in various settings such as clinical, private practice, and the health coaching realm, I continued to yearn for what is now, Healthfully Nourished.

Not only do I have the expertise and knowledge to best guide you in your health journey, I also have the real-life personal experience as well. I was diagnosed with a chronic autoimmune disease at the age of 3 - needless to say, I've likely been in your shoes at one point or another.


I see my disease as a blessing in disguise. Because of my autoimmune disease, I grew up researching, constantly trying new things, completely changing my lifestyle as well as my way of living in order to heal myself. 

I know for a fact that diet and lifestyle absolutely matter when it comes to your health; whether it's an autoimmune condition or it's frustrating symptoms such as lack of energy, brain fog, low mood, or difficulty getting pregnant - your nutrition & your lifestyle matters.


I am truly passionate about sharing this education so I can help others achieve the same transformation that I have, all while getting to the root cause.  

When I'm not working, you can find me cooking, hiking or exploring new places with my husband and mini-labradoodle, Cooper :) 


About Healthfully Nourished

Healthfully Nourished is a virtual private nutrition practice that focuses on optimizing women’s nutrition, health, and wellness, through the stages of life & getting to the root cause of symptoms.

I founded Healthfully Nourished because I myself struggled with an autoimmune disease in which I was given medication after medication, I was told that "diet didn't matter," and felt so incredibly unheard. I couldn't get answers or solutions - I only received medication to mask it all. 


As the Registered Dietitian & Founder of Healthfully Nourished, I will work with you to optimize your wellbeing by empowering you to make sustainable lifestyle changes. These changes will impact your health, your wellbeing and will help you get to the root of what might be going on.


My philosophy includes eating nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory whole foods, incorporating daily movement, integrating stress management techniques, and encouraging “clean living” with non-toxic products.

Image by Brooke Lark