The Truth About Your Healing Journey

Are you on a health & healing journey but feeling like you’re moving backwards? 😫 I hear you. You’re doing everything right (i.e. doing the diet, adding in supplements, working out all the time, etc), yet you’re not seeing the changes that you want to see. 😡

This part of the journey can be SO discouraging. Healing is taxing — whether you’re healing mentally, emotionally, or physically.

Think about how long it took your body to get to that “place” where you started feeling like things HAVE to change & that something has GOT to give. If I had to guess, I’d say that it took a very, very long time for your body to get where it is now — maybe even several years.

I always make it very clear to my clients that there will be ups & downs on any health & healing journey. I also like for my clients to understand that when you feel like you’re moving backwards, that’s where you’re probably experiencing the MOST growth. (Wait…what? 🤔)

When things are always perfect & constantly moving in the right direction, you don’t change anything. And because of that, you also don’t grow.

The body is a delicate thing and it’s always trying to find its homeostasis, where it feels safe. ⚖️ It’s important to give the body that space to allow it to find its way. I’ve seen it firsthand in so many of my clients; the body has the innate ability to heal itself if you support it 🤍

We all want that magic pill & that instant gratification. Seeing results right away makes us think that we’re on the right track 🛤 — when in reality, we may be simply taking the easy way out, covering up symptoms and pushing the problem away for now, only to resurface later on.

A healing and health journey is hard, but if you’re consistent, if you’re resilient and patient, you’ll get there.

Healing is a marathon, not a sprint. So remember — slow & steady wins the race. 🐢❤️

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