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How I work with clients: the "functional" way

Are you struggling to feel heard and understood when it comes to the symptoms you’re experiencing on a daily basis? Your labs are “normal,” but you still feel awful.

You’re constantly fatigued, unable to think clearly, feel overwhelmed, have digestive issues, your hormones are totally out of whack with irregular periods, can’t lose the weight, AND you lack confidence in your skin. Ugh you often wonder if everyone feels the same way...

Sometimes your body just needs a little extra support — the functional way!

- As a functional dietitian, I work WITH you to identify root causes of why you’re having the symptoms that you’re having.⁠ - The lab ranges I use are lab ranges that are for “OPTIMAL” health — conventional testing uses a much, much broader range. - I focus on you, the client as a WHOLE - not the disease that you were labeled with.⁠ - When I work with clients, I personalize EVERYTHING from start to finish: supplements, meal plans, lifestyle interventions, labs, goals, etc!⁠ - Every individual is unique with different genes, biochemistry, lifestyles, stressors, environments, nutritional status, and life experiences so it only makes sense that I personalize the experience for each and every client.⁠

I’ve been there. Throughout my life, I’ve had PLENTY of “normal” labs, despite feeling like .⁠ I’ve been told that “everything looks normal,” despite feeling like I can’t even function. I’m telling you right now — the way you are feeling is NOT normal, although it unfortunately is common.

However, IT IS ABSOLUTELY POSSIBLE to feel like your old self again — there is another answer! If you’re looking for an evidence-based approach to achieve increased energy, improved digestion, a boost metabolism & balanced hormones so you can have lasting emotional wellness, more resilience & feel confident in your skin, send me a message & let’s chat to see if functional nutrition is a good fit for you!

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