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Should You Be Focusing On Your Detox & Drainage Pathways?

If you’ve been feeling like crap lately and you’re only eliminating a few times per week, LISTEN UP! 📢 Your gut health is a GREAT place to start to help you open up those detox/drainage pathways. 💩

Our bodies are surrounded by toxins each and every day with processed foods, environmental compounds, chemicals, etc — it’s absolutely necessary for our body to be able to excrete and eliminate these compounds to get them OUT of the body. 🙅🏼‍♀️ When you’re unable to eliminate daily, these toxins and even excess hormones can start to re-circulate within the body, wrecking havoc on our health 😒

What to do:


☑️Make your plate colorful with all kinds of different plants (thus, enough fiber!)

☑️Stay hydrated with both water & minerals

☑️Keep moving throughout the day

☑️Manage your stress

☑️Incorporate bitter foods to help stimulate those digestive juices!

Your digestive system is a foundational piece of your health and it’s important for us to keep it in tip-top shape! ✨

I dive into gut health with my clients by using the GI-Map test - it gives us insight into pathogens, commensal bacteria, opportunistic microbes, fungi/yeast, viruses, parasites & your overall intestinal health! 🦠

If you feel like your gut could use a little ❤️ and you’re interested in learning more about the GI-Map test, feel free to contact me & let's chat!✉️⁠


A tablet showing the cover to 5 Strategies to Boost Your Energy Today guide from Taryn Mattern, functional nutritionist, in a cozy scene with a plant and cup of coffee

5 Simple Strategies to Boost Your Energy

Try these simple and proven quick-win tactics to end your fatigue and start feeling like yourself again. 


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